designs and distributes Arduino compatible boards with softwares, that is featuring a microcontroller and the connectors and peripherals needed to connect the board to a computer and easily make leisure or professional projects. Our goal is to provide you with electronic circuits to build the best open source Arduino based projects possible. One key concept of Arduino is the possibility to  associate many boards together thanks to a couple of interfaces available. You can now benefit both from the versatility of microcontroller based circuits and from the very high performance of specialized boards.


Pandauino? is launching an original high precision frequency counter project, financed by kickstarter crowdfunding.

Freq_LF_HF frequency counter

Freq_LF_HF frequency counter

"Freq_LF_HF" is an Arduino compatible  board featuring an amplifier, a prescaler and an Atmega microncontroller, that is designed to be very versatile and customizable. Its robustness, the many board connectors, and the use of standard software libraries allows for multi purpose uses.

The software is opened and tweakable. This board can sense a wide variety of signals of low to middle amplitude within a very wide frequency bandwith. Low frequency, high frequency and very high frequency signals are treated by separate hardware and software channels. A tactile switch allows to acces to the parameter menu. This frequency counter can be powered either by a DC converter or by direct low voltage connection or by a battery. The power circuit features electrical protection parts and a power switch. Energy economy was considered and a shut down circuit is included as well as low consumption design.

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