One button menu for Arduino

A relatively simple implementation of a one button menu on an Arduino board using readily available libraries.   There are many methods and code examples available to implement a menu on an Arduino board. For my current project I chose to use a one button menu to reduce the footprint of this functionality. I don’t […]

Arduino energy economy

How to save power on Arduino boards?

Saving power has become a main concern when designing electronic circuits and it is now mandatory to incorporate a power saving system to get the CE certification. Hence microcontrollers like the Atmega328 incorporate a full set of energy economy functions. Section 10 of the Atmega8 to 328 datasheet explains the “Power Management and Sleep Modes”. […]

How to reduce frequency measurement error to less than 10 ppm?

Today I came across some very interesting videos about professional frequency measurement error ( Agilent 53131A Frequency Counter Oven Upgrade) and it gave me the idea to better the precision of the frequency counter I am working on. I was quite happy until now with the accuracy of about 100 ppm measured on the Arduino […]